ISIS update: US official calls problem ‘off the charts historically’

ISIS has become a problem that one U.S. official says is ‘off the charts historically.’ Brett McGurk, a senior State Department official for the Middle East, made these comments in a recent interview with CNN. ISIS is a problem that is “off the charts historically” and has sent the United States into “uncharted territory” when it comes… Read More »

Carter: Women in combat more vulnerable to sexual predators

Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter said the other day that women serving in combat units will be more vulnerable to sexual predators. But he’ll let women in combat just the same. Allowing women to serve in ground combat positions could make them more vulnerable to sexual predators, Secretary of Defense Ash Carter told Reserve Officers’ Training… Read More »

Top Pentagon lawyer: US still in ‘armed conflict’ in Afghanistan

A top Pentagon lawyer said last week the US is still in ‘armed conflict’ in Afghanistan. The U.S. is still in an armed conflict in Afghanistan, despite the U.S. ending its combat mission in Afghanistan in December, said the Pentagon’s top lawyer on Friday.   “There is no doubt that we remain in a state of… Read More »

Dempsey drinks Kool-Aid and puts foot in mouth at same time!

How is Gen. Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, able to drink Kool-Aid and put his foot in his mouth at the same time?   On Thursday Gen. Dempsey had the following brilliant comment about the city of Ramadi, in eastern Anbar province: “the city itself is not symbolic in any way,” primarily because… Read More »