Pakistan Taliban attack: suicide bomber kills 31 soldiers in Pakistan

Feb. 10: Pakistan army soldiers patrol in the vicinity of the army training camp in Mardan near Peshawar, Pakistan. (AP)

Feb. 10: Pakistan army soldiers patrol in the vicinity of the army training camp in Mardan near Peshawar, Pakistan. (AP)

The problems with Afghanistan are not unique.  Pakistan is having its own share of difficulties with the Taliban in that country.  On February 10, 2010, the Associated Press reported another suicide bombing attack, this time by a young soldier in the Pakistan Army. 

A suicide bomber linked to the Pakistani Taliban attacked soldiers during morning exercises at an army training camp in the northwest Thursday, killing 31 troops and wounding 42 others.

The bombing showed that despite years of army operations against their hideouts along Pakistan’s border with Afghanistan, Taliban and al-Qaida-linked fighters retain the ability to strike back. It was one of the worst attacks on security forces in recent months.

Senior police official Samad Khan said 31 soldiers died and 42 were wounded, some critically. The army, which tends to release information much slower, put the death toll in an earlier statement at 20. All of those killed were cadets except for one, who was a drill instructor, said the army.

This attack shows the ease with which a suicide bomber willing to die for his cause is able to carry out such an attack.  Gross lapses in security just make it easier to pull off.

…Taliban spokesman Ahsanullah Ahsan told The Associated Press by telephone that the bomber was a soldier in Mardan who approached them and said “he wanted to sacrifice his life for Islam.”

“We accepted his offer and told him to target his fellow soldiers in Mardan,” said Ahsan.

Former army soldiers have been suspected in attacks in Pakistan, but a suicide bombing by an active duty soldier would be rare, if not unheard of.

Let’s find out where Mr. Ahsan is located and prevent him from making any more of his phone calls.  I have a few ideas.

This shows how ruthless these people are, and how little they care for the lives of others, as well as their own.  Their view of reality is that of a serial killer.  They do this to show how macho they are.  It’s their way of dealing with their lousy lives, getting some excitement, and maybe a few virgins too (but I doubt it).  The religion thing is just their excuse.  These people are really sick.

The U.S. has encouraged Pakistan to eliminate the Pakistani Taliban in the belief that the long-term stability of the nuclear-armed Muslim nation is critical to global security.

In North Waziristan on Thursday, the bullet-riddled bodies of two tribal police officials and a villager were discovered along an open road near the town of Mir Ali, a militant stronghold. A note attacked to the bodies accused them of acting as spies for the U.S., resident Asif Iqbal said.

Militants have killed numerous North Waziristan residents after accusing them of spying. The killings are often linked to allegations that local residents are providing intelligence on militants that helps the U.S. launch missile strikes in the area.

The only way to stop this carnage is to wipe these people out.  The Taliban, Al Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, they’re all intent on killing whoever they can, wherever they can, all in the name of their warped version of Islam.  And they want to make everyone convert to their way.  If you don’t, you’re killed.  The choice is either become one of them, get killed by them, or kill them instead. 

How long will this go on?  It’s spreading like wildfire, and won’t stop until the civilized world gets serious about it.

Written by Michael M. O'Brien

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