Gay pride takes its place in the Afghanistan war as the colors fly

Gay pride over Afghanistan

Gay pride over Afghanistan

The rainbow colors of gay pride were captured flying over a tent on a US Army camp in Afghanistan recently.  It does one’s heart good to see them proudly waving against homophobia while the Afghanistan war rages on.

Were the colors flying over the tent of the camp’s gay pride office?  Or maybe they were flying over the tent where gay/lesbian/transgender/etc. troops ‘gather?’  Who knows?  Who cares, except those homophobic Neanderthals who want our military to remain effective?  What a bunch of non-progressive idiots.

At this point, the ISAF [International Security Assistance Force, i.e., US Army] cannot confirm where the flag was raised, the identity of the soldier, or the authenticity of the photograph.

The photograph first appeared last month on the wall of a Facebook group called, “Wipeout Homophobia on Facebook.”

A woman who identified herself as Nicole Jodice posted the images – along with a message praising her husband for raising the rainbow colored flag.

“Hubbie in Afghanistan raising a gay pride flag,” she wrote with a link back to her home page that contained additional images.

Nicole’s so proud of her “hubbie” fighting in the Afghanistan war, and unfurling the gay colors (without authorization) at his US Army camp.  I’m touched.

The reality is our once great military is going the way of our once great country—right down the toilet.  Thanks Admiral Mullen.  Oh, and thanks also to our “Commander of Chief” Barack Hussein Obama.

(That’s right, “Commander of Chief,” not “Commander in Chief.”  That’s what Obama called it when campaigning in 2008.  How can the smartest man alive not know the name of the job he’s running for?  Probably had a malfunctioning teleprompter.)

The Afghanistan war is really going well.  First we burned their Korans.  Then one of our soldiers got drunk and murdered 16 civilians.  How would the Muslin people of Afghanistan feel if they found out their country was occupied by a gay-friendly military force?

Maybe then they would figure it’s time for us to leave.

Written by Michael M. O'Brien

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