Iraq war timeline

1,031 Iraqis killed in May in fights against the Islamic State.

In the month of May, the UN confirmed that 1,031 Iraqis had been killed from conflict with forces of the Islamic State.  When Saddam Hussein was captured, the crime he was tried and executed for was ordering the murder of about 42 civilians in a small town where an assassination attempt had been made against him.  That was it.  Now, in 2015, more… Read More »

Should the U.S. return to Iraq, or let ISIS and Iran fight for it?

Many good articles have been written within the past year offering advice on the best direction Iraq should be heading in.  These range from dissolving the country into its ethnic parts, letting Iran take over, sending U.S. forces back, and doing nothing. My recommendation is sending a very large American force back there, under the condition we have several… Read More »

An new surge in Iraq without combat forces—a waste of time.

There is talk in Washington of a new surge in Iraq, but it would only be around 10,000 non-combat forces.  If that’s it, then it’s a complete waste of time. Barack Hussein Obama is now riding things out until the end of his presidency. He’s close enough to stonewall and BS his way to the finish line. … Read More »

Dempsey: Iraqi forces not ‘driven’ from Ramadi—they drove out

General Martin Dempsey must think he’s a stand-up comedian. This week he made the rather hilarious statement that Iraqi security forces weren’t driven out of Ramadi (by ISIS), but that they drove out of the town at their commander’s order. This is Dempsey’s way of indicating that Iraqi security forces left on their own and didn’t get… Read More »

Ramadi’s fall to ISIS also an indicator of Sunni situation in Iraq.

The fall of Ramadi to ISIS forces several days ago has many implications to it. Certainly it is bad for Iraq in general, but it is also a sign of the never-ending strife between the Sunni and Shiite factions within the country. As always, this has played right into the hands of whoever wants to… Read More »