Iraq war timeline

Tony Blair says “elements of truth” linking Iraq War and ISIS

George W. Bush and Tony Blair (Getty Images)

In advance of a long-awaited report on Britain’s role in the Iraq War, former PM Tony Blair has admitted there are “elements of truth” to reports that overthrowing Saddam Hussein may have had something to do with the rise of the Islamic State. He says sorry for things he’s already said sorry for; he doesn’t… Read More »

General says U.S. making ‘remarkable progress’ against ISIS!

Retired Marine Corps General John Allen

Retired Marine Corps General John Allen (who got canned after sending 1,000’s of emails to Jill Kelley in Tampa) says the U.S. is making ‘remarkable progress’ against ISIS.  Really? Gen. John Allen said Sunday that he was not sure a year ago if Iraq would survive the rise of ISIS. While there is significant work… Read More »

Putin vs. Obama: The enemy of my enemy is my friend!

U.S. President Barack [Hussein] Obama extends his hand to Russian President Vladimir Putin during their meeting at the United Nations General Assembly in New York September 28, 2015. (Reuters/Kevin Lamarque)

In yesterday’s post I described how Obama abdicated U.S. leadership to Vladimir Putin, who was more than happy to grab the baton Obama dropped on the floor. The ‘leadership swap’ allowed Vlad to take the fight to ISIS in Syria, the same place where Obama painted that “Red Line” a while back. Putin said he would take… Read More »

Death of a contractor: a former colleague in Iraq, Dick McEvoy

Retired U.S. Army colonel Dick McEvoy was killed by an IED on August 22, 2015, while working as a contractor in Afghanistan.

I was recently informed by a former co-worker in Iraq that one of our colleagues there, retired U.S. Army colonel Dick McEvoy, was killed on August 22, 2015, while serving as a contractor in Afghanistan. He was killed when an IED was detonated under the vehicle he was in. Dick McEvoy was a very impressive… Read More »

The U.S. can’t leave Afghanistan, but everything’s going great!

KABUL, Afghanistan (August 13, 2015) Lt. Gen. Qadim Shah, Afghan National Army Chief of General Staff, and Maj. Gens. Jeffrey Buchanan and Mark Quantock disucss future operations with the ANA's 203rd Corps leadership Aug. 13, 2015. ANA and ANP forces were conducting Operation Iron Triangle, a combat operation designed to disrupt networks of Taliban and other enemies of Afghanistan in Khogyani, Sherzad and Hisarak districts. Buchanan is Resolute Support's Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations and Quantock is the Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence. (U.S. military photo by Capt. Susan Harrington, Resolute Support Public Affairs/Released)

The U.S. can’t leave Afghanistan, but everything there is going great. Just like things in Iraq were just swell under General Casey in 2006-2007, while 50 decapitated bodies were being found in a house a mile from his headquarters. It’s a fact that senior U.S. military officers (i.e., generals) can’t tell the truth when things are… Read More »