Iraq war timeline

Iraqi Army: non-existant but doing great according to the U.S.

If the common definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results, then training the Iraqi Army and expecting it to fight ISIS on its own fits this definition perfectly. The Iraqi Army is an enigma: it doesn’t really exist, but if you listen to what’s coming out of Washington it’s ready… Read More »

Iraq: the makings of a modern-day “quagmire”

Since 2007, I have used the term “quagmire” to describe America’s involvement in Iraq.  Now everyone else is. I was there in 2006-2007, during the first phase of the insurgency.  I saw how pathetic the Iraqi Army was, notwithstanding the nonsense coming from all official U.S. sources that it was doing great, and would soon be fully capable… Read More »

House voting whether to withdraw troops from Iraq and Syria!

The U.S. House of Representatives will vote today (Wednesday, June 17, 2015) on whether to withdraw troops from Iraq and Syria. The House will vote Wednesday on whether to direct President Obama to remove troops from Iraq and Syria in the absence of a congressional authorization for using military force against Islamic State militants. It’s incredible that the… Read More »

David Petraeus, a man of no credibility, disagrees with SecDef

David Petraeus, who’s lost all credibility due his conviction for violating national security, recently passed judgment on Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter’s comment that Iraq’s military lacks the will to fight. I remember reading Carter’s statement the day after he made it.  The Iraqi Army had just lost the city of Ramadi to ISIS forces, and had shown itself falling far short… Read More »

1,031 Iraqis killed in May in fights against the Islamic State.

In the month of May, the UN confirmed that 1,031 Iraqis had been killed from conflict with forces of the Islamic State.  When Saddam Hussein was captured, the crime he was tried and executed for was ordering the murder of about 42 civilians in a small town where an assassination attempt had been made against him.  That was it.  Now, in 2015, more… Read More »