Iraq war timeline

The Islamic State is on the move—the Iraqi army is on the run.

One of the best news stories describing the situation in Iraq, and the growing strength of the Islamic State, was published today in The Independent. Patrick Cockburn’s article does not mince words, and portrays the Islamic State as growing, while the Iraqi Army and most everyone else are nowhere to be found.  He paints a grim picture…. Read More »

George W. Bush critisizes Obama’s weak leadership in Iraq!

We may not see in our lifetimes a more glaring example of denial as George W. Bush criticizing Obama for his weak leadership in Iraq. He actually blames Obama for the current situation there, siting such things as his lack of will and failure to decisively kill the enemy—the Islamic State. Amazing. But he hits the mark… Read More »

ISIS update: US official calls problem ‘off the charts historically’

ISIS has become a problem that one U.S. official says is ‘off the charts historically.’ Brett McGurk, a senior State Department official for the Middle East, made these comments in a recent interview with CNN. ISIS is a problem that is “off the charts historically” and has sent the United States into “uncharted territory” when it comes… Read More »

Media: America’s Destruction of Iraq, coming Spring 2015!

Dear Veterans, I have posted below the media release for our upcoming title, America’s Destruction of Iraq, by fellow veteran (West Point graduate and former Infantry officer) Michael M. O’Brien, coming Spring 2015. For interviews, extracts or any other information please contact John Stapleton at or telephone +61 24786 0329. Thank you for your interest. John Stapleton  … Read More »

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Iraq troop withdrawal update: 1,250 soldiers heading to Iraq!

Obama Iraq troop withdrawal update: 1,250 soldiers heading to Iraq this summer! Troops from the Army’s 10th Mountain Division will be headed to Iraq later this year, Secretary of Defense Ash Carter announced Monday.   About 1,250 soldiers from the division’s 1st Brigade Combat Team, based at Fort Drum, N.Y., will deploy in August or September… Read More »