Admiral Mike Mullen

Dempsey: Iraqi forces not ‘driven’ from Ramadi—they drove out

General Martin Dempsey must think he’s a stand-up comedian. This week he made the rather hilarious statement that Iraqi security forces weren’t driven out of Ramadi (by ISIS), but that they drove out of the town at their commander’s order. This is Dempsey’s way of indicating that Iraqi security forces left on their own and didn’t get… Read More »

The emasculation of the U.S. Navy marches onward.

The emasculation of the U.S. Navy marches onward. Last year I posted about the Navy building ships without urinals. You see, urinals are sexist, and we just can’t have them on U.S. Navy ships. It doesn’t matter that 95% of the personnel on these ships are men. Now there’s another problem, this time on U.S…. Read More »

Gen. Dempsey is clairvoyant! ISIS not planning an attack on the U.S.!

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Martin Dempsey is now clairvoyant. Yesterday he said that ISIS is not planning an attack against the U.S. or Europe.   One question: how in hell does he know that?  Has he been consulting with George “Slam Dunk” Tenet, because we know how great his intelligence was about 9/11 and Iraq’s WMD?… Read More »

Another 28 Iraqis blown up by al Qaeda, what Obama calls the “jayvee”

The same day Barack Hussein Obama called the new al Qaeda “jayvee”, meaning neophytes on the terrorism field, they blew up at least 28 people in Baghdad.  Looks like the “jayvee” might be going for first string. A series of bombings in central Iraq killed 28 people on Monday, as a government official claimed that al Qaeda-linked fighters… Read More »

Now it’s really Obama’s War: arms—and possibly troops—on their way

Now it’s really Obama’s War.  Soon arms—and quite possibly troops—will be on their way. The United States has agreed to send new arms to Iraq to thwart Al Qaeda-linked militants currently controlling Fallujah following a request by Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, senior defense officials told Fox News. Army Col. Steve Warren, a Pentagon spokesman, declined to… Read More »