Buy Now Only a few weeks ago I was a stay-at-home mum. What am I doing? But there was no time for second thoughts now. My brain snaps into action and so does my mouth. “Flak jackets, helmets, gas masks – everyone, now!” Zoe Daniel is now the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s Washington correspondent, covering the… Read More »

Manual reveals blueprint for Islamic State caliphate

Islamic State

The scale of Islamic State’s ambitions has been revealed in a leaked document that sets out a blueprint for the group’s so-called caliphate. The 24-page manual sets out plans for the construction of a centralised, self-sufficient state. It is believed to have been written last year and was obtained by Aymenn al-Tamimi, an Iraqi researcher…. Read More »

I thought Obama said we weren’t in combat in Afghanistan.

Barack Hussein Obama

Didn’t Obama say we weren’t in combat in Afghanistan anymore? When Krissie K. Davis deployed to Afghanistan this spring with the U.S. military, she was excited about her mission and told her family she’d be safe. A 54-year-old grandmother and civilian employee with the Air Force, she worked at sprawling Bagram Air Field preparing equipment… Read More »

Mitt Romney takes the gloves off against Obama!

Mitt Romney and Barack HUSSEIN Obama during one of the 2012 presidential debates. (Reuters/Mike Segar)

Mitt Romney took the gloves off and unleashed on Obama this past Tuesday: “I think he may go down in history as one of the very worst foreign-policy presidents in American history.” It’s too bad Mitt didn’t say stuff like that to Obama’s face when he had the chance. And when it mattered.

After Paris the hand wringing over how to defeat ISIS goes on….

National Guard troops patrol Grand Central Station in New York on Saturday. (Photo: Timothy A. Clary/AFP)

After the attacks in Paris last week, the ‘international community’ has been collectively wringing its hands over how to defeat ISIS. At the same time Barack HUSSEIN Obama insults Republicans in Congress for not wanting Syrian refugees coming into our country. Clearly, after watching his behavior this week, Barack HUSSEIN Obama is not an “American.”… Read More »