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Afghanistan war: US withdrawing all troops in 2014, and again in 2024!

                                Barack Hussein Obama went on a secret “unannounced” trip to Afghanistan last week—covered by the major media outlets to make sure everyone knew about it. In meetings with Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai (which were also to tout his “gutsy” order to kill Osama bin… Read More »

Iraq war casualties: with the US gone, Iraq’s disintigration continues

Mar. 20, 2012: People and security forces inspect the scene of a car bomb attack in Kirkuk. (AP)

                    On March 20, 2012, Iraq war casualties continued to rise. The Fox News headline reads: “…Dozens killed in bombings targeting police across Iraq.” This is the common theme, with terrorists going after the only security in the country—the National Police—the same organization disbanded by Paul… Read More »

Iraq body count: one more US “soldier” is now added to the list

SP4 Ahmed Altaie (WSJ)

              Another US soldier has been added to the Iraq body count. But this soldier was different from the rest.  US Army SP4 Ahmed Altaie was an Iraqi. I remember October 24, 2006. I went to work that morning at Phoenix Base, a US/Coalition camp just inside the T-wall… Read More »

Iraq today: current anarchy caused by misguided US policies since 1991

Destruction from suicide bomb attack in Iraq, February 23, 2012, (Fox News)

  As the weeks turn into months since the US withdrawal from Iraq, security in Iraq today doesn’t appear to be any safer than it was before.  That would mean, of course, that the US presence did nothing to keep the Iraqi people safe, and they aren’t safe now.  General George Casey would claim otherwise, I’m sure.  He… Read More »

The Iraq war is not over: mercenary contracts and $3B more on its way

The Iraq war is not over.  Far from it.  The soldiers may be gone, but mercenaries have taken their place, with $3 billion more of our money on its way this year.   Obama says he’s keeping his campaign promise to end the Iraq war.  Nonsense.  He says he’s keeping his campaign promise.  If the Iraq… Read More »