Michael M. O’Brien

American soldiers in Afghanistan: monthly NATO deaths highest of war

Soldiers patrol in Helmand Province, Afghanistan, May 2010.

The United States has been in Afghanistan for ten years, with no real end in sight.  Last year Barack Hussein Obama promised to start the withdrawal of American soldiers in Afghanistan this summer, establishing his Afghan war timeline.  During his campaign for the presidency Obama made every effort to fault George W. Bush for the war, and… Read More »

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‘Milktoast Mullen” (Navy) is out, Dempsey and Odierno (Army) take over

General Martin Dempsey

Admiral Mike Mullen is leaving the military after serving as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff for the past four years.  Under his ‘leadership’ the US military has allowed openly gay people to serve in uniform, with his claim that it would make the services even better and more combat effective.  That pretty much sums up where Admiral Mullen’s head is located. … Read More »

Erik Prince of Blackwater: an American mercenary without a country

Erik Prince, the founder of Blackwater. (Adam Ferguson/VII Network)

There was a very interesting article in The New York Times last week about Erik Prince, the founder of Blackwater.  The firm changed its name to Xe Services after four of its employees slaughtered 17 Iraqi civilians at Nisour Square in Baghdad on September 16, 2007.  It ranks among the highest in cost of the Iraq… Read More »

The “military-industrial complex:” warned of in 1961, now we’re there

  Watch the RT Televison spot above, with clips from my interview embedded in it. I explain the “military-industrial complex” in more detail below. See my book, America’s Failure In Iraq: Intervention to Withdrawal 1991-2010, for more information on this growing problem. The “military-industrial complex” In his final speech to the nation before he left… Read More »

Iraq war timeline: Mike O’Brien interview on RT Television, May 10

Watch my interview on RT Television on May 10, 2011.  I discuss the issue of American soldiers in Iraq remaining beyond the withdrawal timeline established last year by Barack Hussein Obama.