ISIS murdering and enslaving women: where are the feminists?

Fighters of the Islamic State recently burned to death five women and their sons, according to reports from Iraq. (Reuters)

As ISIS murders women and their children, and turns young girls into sex slaves (Praise Allah!), where is the outrage from the international feminist community? A tribal leader whose group has been fighting the Islamic State in Central Iraq recently described in gruesome detail how the terrorist group burned five women along with their sons in the Anbar… Read More »

As Obama stirs things up, he’s cutting the U.S. Army by 40,000.

Barack Hussein Obama is doing everything he can to help Iran get nukes, and as a result he’s got the military-industrial complex selling weapons to anyone with money—and now he’s reducing the size of the U.S. Army by 40,000 just when it will be needed most.  This guy is a man of peace if ever there was… Read More »

The Examiner: “One year later, ISIS undeterred by U.S. efforts”

According to the Washington Examiner, after a year of U.S. efforts ISIS is still going strong. This is no surprise to me.  For the past year I have posted on this site my contention that air strikes alone would do nothing.  I was right.  Air power is great, but it will not kill someone in a secure position.  Proponents of air… Read More »

Why the Iraqi Army can’t fight like western armies do

The Iraqi army is not a strong military force for the same reason as most Middle Eastern armies: Middle Eastern culture is based on tribe and religion.  As a result, it is difficult to form cohesive units within the Iraqi Army made of soldiers from across the country, and with allegiance to a national flag. On the other… Read More »

While the Taliban grows, the waste of U.S. dollars does too!

While the Taliban continues to grow in strength in Afghanistan, so does the waste of U.S. dollars. A June 22, 2015 article in The Washington Post describes the growing territory being captured by the Taliban, creating fears that it will eventually take over the country again. ­Taliban forces were less than four miles from this strategic northern city Monday after seizing… Read More »